Feb 13 2004

Dean Baker on Bush budget, Eric Boehlert on Bush/National Guard

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George Bush proposed his 2005 budget last week, declaring that– thanks largely to his tax cuts– the economy is “strong and getting stronger” and prosperity will soon “reach every corner of America.” Is media coverage clarifying the potential impact of the $2.4 trillion package, or just making a confusing issue more confusing? CounterSpin will hear from Dean Baker of the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

Also on the show: The controversy over George Bush’s extended absence from National Guard duty in the early 1970s only seems to be growing. The media’s new found interest in the story serves to underline how little attention journalists paid to this story during the 2000 campaign. CounterSpin will speak to someone who’s following the story, and the media coverage– Salon.com senior writer Eric Boehlert.