Dec 21 2012

Dean Baker on Social Security, Laila Al-Arian on Homeland and Islamophobia

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 social security-protestThis week on CounterSpin: You may have heard that, in the discussion to avert the dread “fiscal cliff,” the White House has offered to, adopt a “chained Consumer Price Index” that would cut Social Security benefits; and to extend the Bush tax cuts for people making between $250,000  and 400,000. These rumors are being reported as almost as if they’ve been confirmed, by a media that seems relieved at the possible resolution. We’ll talk it over with economist Dean Baker of the Center for Economic & Policy Research.

homelandAlso on CounterSpin today, the Showtime drama Homeland is a big hit with viewers, as it follows a CIA operative trailing a former Army POW who has become a Muslim terrorist. Tv critics can’t get enough—it’s gripping, thrilling” stocked with magnetic characters. But journalist Laila Al-Arian sees it differently—her piece for was headlined, “TV’s Most Islamophobic Show.” She’ll join us to explain.



Center for Economic & Policy Research

–“TV’s Most Islamophobic Show,” by Laila Al-Arian (, 12/15/12)