Mar 22 2013

Diana Duarte on Iraq War, Barbara Miner on ‘Lessons from the Heartland’

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My beautiful pictureThis week on CounterSpin: When it comes to the Iraq War, elite media are willing to say ‘mistakes were made’ around evidence of weapons, but virtually none appear interested to revisit the other justifications they endorsed, including that toppling Saddam Hussein would advance human rights in Iraq and especially the rights of women. Surely media that truly regretted their role in the war would show more interest in tracking those aspects of its ongoing impact? We’ll speak with Diana Duarte of the group MADRE, about what they’d find if they did.



Also on the show: Veteran journalist Barbara Miner’s new book takes a look at decades of history in Milwaukee—including fights over school integration, welfare reform and the birth of the school voucher movement. And she argues that journalists and policymakers can’t have a sensible conversation about the state of public schools if they’re ignoring the big issues, like racism and poverty. She’ll be here to talk about ‘Lessons from the Heartland: A Turbulent Half-Century of Public Education in an Iconic American City.’




–Lessons from the Heartland, by Barbara Miner (New Press)