Sep 26 2008

Eartha Jane Melzer on Ohio GOP vote suppression, Sarah Anderson on Wall Street CEO pay


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This week on CounterSpin: Lose your house, lose your vote? A report from a new investigative journalism outfit says that Michigan Republican Party officials are planning to use a list of foreclosed homes to challenge voters on Election Day—targeting a largely poor, African-American pool of voters who would likely lean heavily towards the Democratic Party. Michigan party denied the allegations just as soon as the story started making its way into the mainstream media. We’ll speak with Michigan Messenger reporter Eartha Jane Melzer about what she uncovered, and what she makes of the pushback against her reporting.

Also on the show: The proposed federal bailout of Wall Street financial giants is still a top story and both Congress and the press are pushing back rather harder than we’re used to seeing. But are journalists asking the right questions even now about this $700 billion “solution” and the problems it’s supposed to solve? We’ll hear from Sarah Anderson of the Institute for Policy Studies on that story.


Lose Your House, Lose Your Vote, by Eartha Jane Melzer (Michigan Messenger, 9/10/08)

Sarah Anderson at the Institute for Policy Studies