Oct 26 2007

Edwin Park on SCHIP, Lucinda Marshall on breast cancer


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This week on CounterSpin: “Why don’t we focus on the poor children?” asked George Bush, who says he vetoed the expansion of the SCHIP children’s health insurance program because it would’ve helped the wrong people. Some outlets adopted that angle, but does it hold up? We’ll hear from Edwin Park of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Also on the show: October is awareness month for both breast cancer and domestic violence. But coverage of the two is very different, with domestic violence getting little coverage and breast cancer getting lots of coverage, though not all of it necessarily good. We’ll talk to Lucinda Marshall of the Feminist Peace Network about her Alternet.org report, “Breast Cancer Sells.”


— Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’ Health Policy Analyses

Breast Cancer Sells, by Lucinda Marshall (AlterNet.org, 10/24/07)