Feb 17 2006

Emily Whitfield on Abu Ghraib, Kenneth DeGraff on a la carte cable

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This week on CounterSpin: An Australian television program aired new images of abuse at Abu Ghraib prison—images the Pentagon had fought in court to keep covered up. The various administration lines on why no one should see the pictures are depressing if not surprising, but what about the fact that a number of US media outlets have evidently been sitting on the images for some time? We’ll hear from Emily Whitfield of the ACLU, which has been fighting the Pentagon for the release of the images, along with much other information about the US treatment of prisoners.

Also this week: Would you like to pay less for TV? Recent moves in Washington seem to be paving the way for a so-called a la carte approach to cable TV, where consumers would pay only for the channels they want. Who’s behind this effort? And will it really be a win for the public, or just another way for media giants to control the flow of information? We’ll ask of Kenneth DeGraff of Consumers Union.



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