Feb 4 2005

Frank Brodhead on Iraq elections, Tiffiniy Cheng on Eyes on the Prize

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This week on CounterSpin: Never mind that Iraq elections were carried out under the gun of US occupation, or that the votes are being counted by officials handpicked by the US– US media have largely declared the elections successful. ‘Widely seen as largely successful’ was the way CBS‘s Dan Rather put it. We’ll hear a different analysis from Frank Brodhead, author with Ed Herman of Demonstration Elections: U.S.-Staged Elections in the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, and El Salvador.

Also on the program: Eyes on the Prize was a hugely popular award winning film about the civil rights movement, so why isn’t it being distributed on DVD or shown widely around the country? It turns out the film is being held hostage, if you will, to copyright laws that some say are increasingly weighted against the public interest. We’ll hear from Tiffiniy Cheng from the non-profit group Downhill Battle, about the effort to bring back Eyes on the Prize.