Nov 2 2007

Gareth Porter on Iran, Tarso Ramos on Values Voters


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This week on CounterSpin: The campaign season and actions by the White House and the Senate have made Iran in some ways a bigger political story than Iraq. How well are the media examining the arguments being put forth about Iranian meddling in Iraq and Afghanistan? We’ll talk to journalist and historian Gareth Porter.

Also on the show: Remember the wake of the 2004 election, when “values voters” were all the rage? A supposedly clearly defined and enormously powerful voting bloc, so-called Christian conservatives were said to be key to winning the White House. Almost 4 years later, the news out of the latest Values Voters Summit has a bit of a different ring. Were the values voters ever all the media cracked them up to be? We’ll hear from Tarso Luis Ramos of Political Research Associates.


For Neocons, Iran Aim Is Still Regime Change, by Gareth Porter (Inter Press Service, 10/31/07)

— Political Research Associates’ Special Coverage of the 2007 Values Voter Summit