May 28 2004

Greg Mitchell on NY Times’ mea culpa, Sheldon Rampton on Banana Republicans

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The New York Times finally responded to critics who have been slamming the paper’s reporting on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. But what was missing from their mea culpa? CounterSpin will ask Editor & Publisher’s Greg Mitchell.

Also this week: the Republican Party controls all major branches of the federal government. Is America becoming a one-party state? And how does the GOP’s dominance play out in the mainstream media? We’ll ask Sheldon Rampton, co-author of the new book Banana Republicans: How the Ring Wing is Turning America into a One-Party State.

‘The New York Times,’ in Editors’ Note, Admits Fault in Iraq WMD Coverage, by Greg Mitchell
Banana Republicans, by Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber