Jun 10 2011

Harvey Wasserman on Fukushima; Andrew Fieldhouse on Bush tax cuts


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This week on CounterSpin: After a lull in reporting about the Japanese nuclear disaster comes news that officials there are admitting that radiation releases were much larger than previously claimed– not a surprise to critics who saw those early claims as part of a government/corporate/media misinformation loop that kicks in whenever we talk about nuclear power. So what is the real story out of Fukushima, and where can you get independent information? We’ll talk to journalist and activist Harvey Wasserman.

Also on the show: Ten years ago mainstream media were running stories like the Dallas Morning News’ “FINDING RELIEF: Tax bill may perk up individual finances, this year and beyond,” talking about what’ve come to be known as the Bush tax cuts, about which many promises were made that are extremely relevant for today’s conversation about the deficit. Are the lessons learned? We’ll hear from Andrew Fieldhouse of the Economic Policy Institute.