Oct 7 2011

Harvey Wasserman on Solyndra, Diane Ravitch and Brian Jones on MisEducation Nation


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This week on CounterSpin: The Solyndra scandal is the kind of story tailor made for Fox News: A green jobs creating solar power company receiving millions of dollars of taxpayer funds celebrated by the Obama White House… goes belly up. Much of the coverage all but shouts ‘Scandal!’. It’s not that there’s nothing here, but the story we’re hearing about Solyndra might not be the one we should be hearing. Journalist and activist Harvey Wasserman will join us to talk about that.

Also on CounterSpin today: Sponsored by the same foundations and corporate interests behind what’s called education ‘reform’, NBC’s Education Nation summit was unlikely to stretch the boundaries of corporate media debate on the issues. FAIR hosted our own conversation recently in New York city with education experts and activists with a critical take on big media’s storyline, not to mention the political narrative it echoes. We’ll hear from two participants, education historian Diane Ravitch and teacher activist Brian Jones.


–“Will a Failed Solar Loan Kill New Nukes?,” by Harvey Wasserman (CounterPunch, 10/4/11)

MisEducation Nation video