Aug 15 2008

Helena Cobban on Russia/Georgia conflict, Iyanna Jones on black radio’s ‘Disappearing Voices’


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This week on CounterSpin: “Russia bad, Georgia good” is the theme of much U.S. coverage of recent hostilities between those two countries and their battles over the breakaway Georgian territory known as South Ossetia. We’ll be joined by Helena Cobban of the website Just World News, for some much-needed nuance and context.

Also on the show: A new film chronicles a not-so-well-known part of radio history: Disappearing Voices: The Decline of Black Radio talks about the role radio used to play in the black community, and what would need to change for it to play that sort of role again. We’ll hear from the film’s executive producer, Iyanna Jones.


The South Ossetian War: Some Thoughts, by Helena Cobban (Just World News, 8/10/08)