Feb 18 2005

Ian Williams on UN oil-for-food ‘scandal,’ Chris Paterson on Eason Jordan

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This week on CounterSpin: For months the media have told us that the UN’s oil-for-food program in Iraq was a massive scam, allowing Saddam Hussein to siphon off billions of dollars while UN officials either looked the other way or actively participated in what some called the greatest financial swindle EVER. An interim report from the UN is done; does it back up the breathless allegations of corruption? We’ll ask Ian Williams, UN correspondent for The Nation magazine.

Also this week: CNN news chief Eason Jordan resigned on February 11th amidst a controversy over comments he made about the US military killing journalists in Iraq. What he actually said is still not known. But what about charges the US killed journalists? Well, they’ve been largely ignored or dismissed as outrageous, undeserving of discussion, despite evidence to the contrary. Chris Paterson of the University of San Francisco’s media studies program will join us to discuss the Jordan affair.


The UN “Scandal” Report, by Ian Williams (The Nation, 2/28/05)

They Shoot Journalists, Don’t They?, by Chris Paterson (AlterNet, 2/15/05)