Oct 4 2013

Imara Jones on Government Shutdown, Ryan Koronowski on IPCC Report

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cc photo: Rich Renomeron

This week on CounterSpin: The government shutdown has pundits lamenting the same old Beltway dysfunction. But who’s actually to blame for the shutdown? And who’s affected? We’ll speak to Imara Jones from ColorLines.

wg1coverAlso on the show: The UN’s latest climate report is out, and its findings are alarming. According to the scientists, they are as certain that we are causing warming as they are that cigarettes cause cancer, and the problem is not getting any better. So why are some outlets reporting the IPCC’s findings as good news? We’ll talk to Ryan Koronowski of Climate Progress about what the report actually says.



–“The Tea Party’s Vision, Realized,” by Imara Jones (ColorLines, 9/24/13)

–“15 Things You Should Know About the New IPCC Report on Climate Science,” by Ryan Koronowski (Think Progress, 9/27/13)