Mar 17 2006

Jack Fairweather on ‘Heroes in Error,’ Ben Bagdikian on Knight-Ridder sale

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This week on CounterSpin: The McClatchy newspaper chain is buying the larger Knight Ridder chain. What does this latest episode of corporate media concentration mean for journalism? We’ll hear from Ben Bagdikian, author of the landmark book, The Media Monopoly, and former UC Berkeley Journalism School dean.

Also this week: It’s well-established that Ahmad Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress fed all kinds of bogus stories to the US media to help make the case for the Iraq War. With the invasion’s three-year anniversary looming, the new issue of Mother Jones exposes yet another INC tall tale. We’ll talk to reporter Jack Fairweather about what he uncovered.


Heroes in Error, by Jack Fairweather (Mother Jones 3-4/06)