Jul 15 2011

James Galbraith on debt ceiling, John Nichols on Murdoch scandals


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This week on CounterSpin: The United States is hurtling toward fiscal catastrophe as the dramatic standoff persists between Barack Obama and Congressional Republicans on a deal to raise the debt ceiling… that’s the story anyway. How much of this is political theatre and what’s the fallout for non-politicians likely to be? We’ll hear from economist James Galbraith about questions the elite media aren’t asking about this debt ceiling debate.

Also on the show: Bribing police, helping murder suspects, phone hacking… no, we’re not talking about organized crime, we’re talking about Rupert Murdoch’s recently closed British tabloid, The News of the World. Investigations are under way in the UK, and nine arrests have been made so far, but what about probes into Murdoch’s US holdings? We’ll talk to journalist John Nichols, who is covering the Murdoch scandals for the Nation and the BBC.