Jun 3 2011

Jane Slaughter on NLRB-Boeing, Pamela Newkirk on black journalists


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This week on CounterSpin: the National Labor Relations Board has told Boeing that they can’t move operations from Washington to South Carolina in order to avoid union organizing. It may seem straightforward that a company can’t retaliate against workers for exercising their legal rights but the ruling has anti-labor conservatives in uproar and so-called mainstream reporters aren’t doing much to set the record straight. We’ll hear from Jane Slaughter of Labor Notes about what the NLRB ruling means.

Also on CounterSpin today: If you follow discussions about media diversity, you probably know that the efforts to make newsrooms resemble the communities they cover have fallen well short of those goals. That failure is one part of the story; the other is figuring out where journalists of color are going. NYU professor Pamela Newkirk wrote about one migration pattern: Black journalists leaving the commercial media for the black press, in print and online. She’ll just to talk about that.


Labor Notes

–“The Not-So-Great Migration: From the black press to the mainstream—and back again,” by Pamela Newkirk (CJR, 5-6/11)