Mar 19 2004

Jeff Cohen on Spanish elections, Jonathan Landay on INC & media

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Terror bombings in Madrid came just days before national elections, and Spanish voters delivered a surprising defeat to the Popular Party, which had supported the war in Iraq. On this side of the Atlantic, the election results made journalists wonder if Spain was going soft on the war on terror. But are the media missing the story on Spain? We’ll talk to FAIR founder Jeff Cohen.

Also on CounterSpin this week: We’ll talk to Knight Ridder national security correspondent Jonathan Landay. He’s part of a reporting team that has broken many important stories; his most recent tells how the Iraqi National Congress placed exaggerated and false stories with the most prominent and prestigious American news outlets.


Liar’s Lose: Regime Change in Spain, by Jeff Cohen
Iraqi exile group fed false information to news media, by Jonathan S. Landay and Tish Wells (3/15/04)