Mar 19 2010

Jemima Pierre on Haiti, Megan Tady on TV Wars


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This week on CounterSpin: The network camera crews have mostly packed up and gone home, but the political fights over reconstruction and rebuilding in Haiti are only just getting started. University of Texas professor Jemima Pierre was part of a delegation that recently visited Haiti, and she wrote about what she saw for The Nation. She’ll join us to talk about what she found, and where the Haiti story is headed next.

Also on the show: Media technology can put more control in consumers’ hands over the gathering and sharing of information and entertainment. But some folks would frankly rather it didn’t. We’ll talk with Megan Tady of the group Free Press about some of the most significant media industry battles going on right now that affect what you get to see and hear.


How to Help Haiti (The Nation, 3/5/10)

Inside the TV Wars, by Megan Tady (Extra!, 3/10)