Jun 13 2014

Jennifer Fiore on Gun Violence, Keane Bhatt on Human Rights Watch

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cbs-oregonThis week on CounterSpin: Another fatal school shooting, another round of media stories about what we as a society need to talk more or more honestly about. One effort now gaining ground says there are some things we can do besides talk. Jennifer Fiore is executive director of the Campaign to Unload. She’ll join us to talk about divesting from gun violence.

keaneAlso on the show: Two Nobel prize laureates have joined scores of academics in publishing letters to Human Rights Watch, challenging the prominent human rights group to scuttle a revolving door policy that has seen top staff land jobs in the US State Department and vice versa, and noting times when the group seems to put aside neutrality to side with the US. Keane Bhatt, the activist and writer behind the effort, will join us to talk about that.

Campaign to Unload
–“The Hypocrisy of Human Rights Watch,” by Keane Bhatt (NACLA)