Aug 19 2011

Jim Hightower on Rick Perry, Glen Ford on Somalia


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This week on CounterSpin: ‘Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be elected president of the United States, please pay attention.’ That was late columnist Molly Ivins’ advice near the end of the George W. Bush era. But lo and behold another Republican governor of Texas is running for president, and from the tone of the coverage so far Rick Perry is some kind of job-creating machine. What else should we know about Rick Perry? Texas columnist and commentator Jim Hightower will join us to talk about the real Rick Perry record.

Also on the show: “Famine, drought and violence rage in Somalia,” says the Today show’s Matt Lauer. Sounds like a weather report, but of course there are political actors and history in play in Somalia, where civilians bear the brunt of fighting between the US-backed government and the rebel group al-Shabaab, along with famine and massive displacement. Glen Ford, of Black Agenda Report, will join us to talk about the US role in that situation.


Jim Hightower

Black Agenda Report