Jul 15 2005

Jim Naureckas on Rove-Wilson, Trudy Lieberman on Drug Industry

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This week on CounterSpin: As Karl Rove becomes the subject of intense media scrutiny the White House is being raked over the coals by an angry and suddenly reanimated press corp. Why are they so agitated? Is it because they were lied to by the White House? Or because their colleague, Judy Miller, is in jail for refusing to divulge her sources, perhaps including Rove? FAIR editor Jim Naureckas will join us in a discussion of the angry press, and the limits of journalistic confidentiality.

Also this week: the power of the pharmaceutical industry. The nation’s leading drug manufacturers have considerable political clout– but how do they flex their muscles when it comes to the media? Trudy Lieberman of the Columbia Journalism Review has taken a look– she’ll join us to talk about what she found.


Bitter Pill, by Trudy Lieberman (Columbia Journalism Review, 7-8/05)