Apr 2 2004

Jim Pinkerton on Richard Clarke, Mel Goodman on 9/11 Commission

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Some conservative pundits have lined up to take shots at former counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke. That’s no surprise, but should they actually be embracing Clarke’s message? And is some of the Clarke coverage missing the big picture? CounterSpin will put those questions to Newsday columnist Jim Pinkerton.
Also this week: In reporting on the battle between the White House and its former counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke, the media have often avoided reporting on the plentiful evidence supporting Clarke’s charges that the administration didn’t take the Al Qaeda threat seriously enough. What more, says our guest, retired CIA official Melvin Goodman, journalists are failing to report on dramatic details from the September 11 Commission’s initial reports. Goodman will join the show to fill us in on what we’re missing.


Shooting the Messenger, by James Pinkerton (Salon, 3/29/04–ad-viewing required).
Bush League Diplomacy: How the Neoconservatives Are Putting the World at Risk, byCraig R. Eisendrath and Melvin A. Goodman