Jun 27 2008

John K. Wilson on Obama and public financing, Aziz Huq on FISA ‘compromise’


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This week on CounterSpin: Barack Obama flip-flops on public financing. The media was in an uproar over the Democratic presidential candidate’s decision to forego public funding for the general election—a sign to many pundits that Obama’s reformer rhetoric is an illusion. But was it actually a flip-flop? Writer John K. Wilson doesn’t think so. He’ll join us to explain.

Also on CounterSpin today, some in the press corps say that the new surveillance law making its way through Congress is a good deal, not just for the telecom companies that it lets off the hook for helping the government with its illegal spying programs, but even for those who worry about civil liberties and privacy. Our guest begs to differ. We’ll hear from Aziz Huq, from the Brennan Center for Justice.


“Obama’s Non-Promise Not Broken,” by John K. Wilson (Huffington Post, 6/24/08)

–Brennan Center for Justice