Oct 1 2004

John Nichols on CBS-Niger story, Jeff Ruch on EPA gag order

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You’ve certainly heard all about CBS’s now-infamous report about George W. Bush’s National Guard service; the dubious documents that were part of that 60 Minutes report have been covered ad nauseum by the rest of the press. But CBS has just decided to kill a critical story about the Bush administration’s justification for war in Iraq. Why isn’t this decision getting any ink? CounterSpin will talk it over with John Nichols of The Nation magazine.

Also on the show: The public relies on the press to illuminate the workings of government, but for the Bush administration, it seems silence is golden. In the latest example, an official of the Environmental Protection Agency has directed staff not to even talk to the press. We’ll hear about that gag order, among other concerns from Jeff Ruch, executive director of the group PEER, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.
CBS: No News, Just Stenography, by John Nichols (The Nation, 9/28/04)
EPA Issues Pre-Election Gag Order to Staff (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 9/22/04)