Feb 2 2007

John Nichols on Molly Ivins, Eric Wingerter on Chávez’s ‘rule by decree’


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This week on CounterSpin: Listeners may know that the incisive, forceful and funny columnist Molly Ivins died January 31 at age 62. We’ll talk with John Nichols, the Washington correspondent for the Nation about Ivins’ special place in and impact on the media landscape, and what journalists and activists would like to see happen in her memory.

Also on the program: Reports that the Venezuelan congress is conferring powers on president Hugo Chávez that would allow him to ‘rule by decree’ in certain areas of the government are setting off alarm bells in U.S. media. But are the Venezuelan measures unprecedented in the Venezuela, or even the U.S.? We’ll ask Eric Wingerter, independent journalist and blogger at BoRev.net, where he looks at how Venezuela is covered in the U.S. press.


Remembering Molly Ivins, Gara LaMarche & John Nichols (Nation.com, 1/31/07)