Jan 27 2006

Jordan Flaherty on Katrina reconstruction, Eric Boehlert on the K Street Project

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This week on CounterSpin: New Orleans is back in the news, along with the debates about how the city should be rebuilt; the White House is accused of stonewalling a congressional Katrina investigation and the administration is offering Louisiana a fraction of the dollars the state says it needs for a homeowner bailout. What many of these stories have in common, says our guest, Jordan Flaherty of Left Turn magazine, is the exclusion of the people who will be most effected by the policies.

Also on the show: The corrupt Capitol Hill favor-trading operation known as the K Street Project has been in operation for years now, and was no secret to the mainstream press corps. So why did most of the public only learn about it with the recent guilty plea of lobbyist Jack Abramoff? We’ll hear from Rolling Stone contributing editor Eric Boehlert on what he calls a media “boycott” of this critically important story.


Left Turn: Eyewitness to Hurricane Katrina and Its Aftermath by Jordan Flaherty

Huffington Post: How the Press Played Dumb About the K Street Project (1/19/06) by Eric Boehlert