May 11 2007

Joyce Battle on Iraq media plan, Caryl Rivers on ‘Selling Anxiety’


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This week on CounterSpin: we often hear that the Iraq War relied on overly optimistic predictions from the Bush White House and its allies about how everyday Iraqis would react to a military invasion. A new report sheds light on one aspect of that pre-war planning—the Pentagon’s plans for Iraq’s media. What does the report add to what we know about U.S. propaganda efforts in Iraq? We’ll speak with Joyce Battle of the National Security Archive.

Also on the show: women—are you trying to be Superwoman? failing to be Superwoman? tired of being Superwoman? Any tension women might have about balancing work and family, it seems, news media are there to label and encourage. Our guest says it’s almost like an industry. Selling Anxiety: How the News Media Scare Women, is the new book by journalist Caryl Rivers. We’ll hear from her about how it works.


Iraq: The Media War Plan, edited by Joyce Battle (National Security Archive, 4/8/07)

Selling Anxiety, by Caryl Rivers (CommonDreams, 4/24/07)

Selling Anxiety: How the News Media Scare Women, by Caryl Rivers