Aug 1 2008

Juan Cole on Iraq/Afghanistan, Todd Tucker on WTO talks


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This week on CounterSpin: The media debate on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars seems to rest on the assumption that the troop surge in Iraq has “worked,” and more troops in Afghanistan would help turn that conflict in the favor of U.S. and NATO forces. That’s the consensus view, but does it make any sense? We’ll ask University of Michigan professor Juan Cole.

Also on Counterspin today, the Wall Street Journal wonders whether the recent collapse of World Trade Organization talks means the end of the “free trade era that has done so much to spread prosperity”. Yet many trade activists say the talks’ success would’ve been the real failure. How can we make some sense of what did—and didn’t—happen in Geneva? We’ll hear from Todd Tucker of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch on that story.


A Social History of the Surge, by Juan Cole (Informed Comment, 7/24/08)

— Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch