May 13 2005

Karen Hansen-Kuhn on CAFTA, Ray McGovern on ‘Smoking Gun Memo’

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This week on CounterSpin: international trade is on the agenda in Washington, with the White House pushing for Congress to vote on the Central American Free Trade Agreement, or CAFTA. The trade pact is getting next to no mainstream media attention, even though the political fight over it is heating up. We’ll talk to Karen Hansen-Kuhn of the Alliance for Responsible Trade about that.

Also this week: On May 1, the London Times reported on the secret British intelligence memo that seems to confirm suspicions that the Bush White House manipulated intelligence to make the case for war. The ‘smoking gun memo’ was a jolt to British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s reelection campaign, but has garnered surprisingly little coverage in the United States. We’ll talk to former CIA official Ray McGovern about the memo and its significance.


Alliance for Responsible Trade

Proof Bush Fixed The Facts, by Ray McGovern (, 5/4/05)