Feb 25 2011

Laura Dresser on Wisconsin, Dean Baker on pension crisis


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This week on CounterSpin: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s move to strip collective bargaining rights from state workers, because he says he need to close his state’s looming $3.6 billion budget deficit, is being resisted in the streets of Madison, but not so much in the national media. Is the Wisconsin story part of a larger trend to make workers pay for an economic downturn caused by Wall St. and deregulators? We’ll talk with Laura Dresser of the Center on Wisconsin Strategy about all that.

Also on CounterSpin today, the fiscal crisis in Wisconsin, we’re told, boils down to a hole in the budget caused by high salaries for government workers and cushy pensions that states can’t afford. If anything, Wisconsin’s problems are mild when compared to other states. But is the pension crisis really as dire as we’re led to believe? Dean Baker of the Center for Economic Policy & Research will join us to talk about it.


Center on Wisconsin Strategy

Center for Economic and Policy Research