Oct 17 2008

Lori Minnite on ACORN & vote fraud, Bethany Albertson on the Bradley Effect


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This week on CounterSpin: From the reaction of quite a bit of the mainstream media, the community organizing group ACORN is poised to steal the election for Barack Obama. Scattered allegations of voter registration fraud have been the subject of wall-to-wall TV coverage, but what facts are missing from the outraged reporting on CNN and Fox News? And is this a ploy to divert attention from more serious attempts to suppress votes? We’ll ask Lori Minnite, an assistant professor of political science at Barnard College.

Also on the show: How will race affect voter attitudes in the coming election? Will we see the “Bradley Effect”—where voters tell pollsters they support an African-American candidate, but then vote otherwise on Election Day? And does some McCain campaign rhetoric carry a “racially charged subtext,” as the Associated Press recently put it? We’ll talk to Bethany Albertson, a political psychologist and professor at the University of Washington.


Behind the GOP’s Voter Fraud Hysteria, by Lori Minnite (Salon, 10/15/08–ad-viewing required)

Tracking the Race Factor, by Bethany Albertson & Anthony G. Greenwald (Pew Research Center, 3/14/08)