Feb 29 2008

Lori Wallach on NAFTA, J.H. Snider on spectrum policy


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This week on CounterSpin: Criticisms of NAFTA from Democratic presidential candidates Obama and Clinton made the New York Times feel a need to explain to readers that, despite appearances, the two politicans are not, actually, “hostile to free trade”. But that says less about the toughness of their criticisms than it does about the rareness in the corporate media world of ANY criticism whatsoever of what they insist on calling ‘free trade’. More on that from Lori Wallach of Global Trade Watch.

Also on the show: When we talk about media policy fights over ownership rules or network neutrality, what we’re really talking about are the public airwaves, and how we use this enormously valuable resource known as the electromagnetic spectrum. But understanding the intricacies of how spectrum is allocated– and to whom–can be hard to understand. Does it have to be? J.H. Snider of the Shorenstein Center doesn’t think so, and he’ll join us to explain.


— Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch

Is the Spectrum Just Too Complex for Reporters?, by J.H. Snider (Nieman Watchdog, 2/21/08)