Jun 29 2012

Maegan La Mala Ortiz on Supreme Court and Arizona, Robert Naiman on Julian Assange

This week on CounterSpin: Media seemed unable to decide if the Supreme Court’s ruling on Arizona’s controversial immigration law was good news for the law’s supporters or its opponents. Was the ruling that murky, or do journalists just not see it so clearly? We’ll hear from VivirLatino blogger and writer Maegan La Mala Ortiz on the impact of the Court’s decision.

Also on the show: The legal drama surrounding WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange has intensified over the past week; Assange is reportedly requesting asylum from Ecuador, out of fear that Swedish authorities would turn him over to the United States to face some sort of charges related to his group’s publication of State Department memos and other government secrets. Corporate media scoff at Assange’s supposed paranoia, but his supporters say this is a case that is in part about press freedom. We’ll talk to Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy about that.



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