Jul 5 2013

Maegan Ortiz on Immigration ‘Reform,’ Horace Campbell on Obama’s Africa Trip

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FinalImmigrationVoteThis week on CounterSpin: An immigration reform bill passed the Senate and is headed for the House, but after its trip through the political machinery, does it look at all like what immigrant communities might’ve hoped for?  We’ll hear from journalist Maegan Ortiz, publisher of VivirLatino.com.

130701125004-01-obama-africa-0701-story-topAlso this week: The message of Obama’s trip to Africa was trade not aid, and bringing more electricity to countries that desperately need it. But what does such rhetoric conceal about U.S. Africa policy? We’ll speak with Syracuse professor Horace Campbell.



-“Obama in Africa,” by Horace Campbell (CounterPunch, 6/26/13)