May 7 2004

Marjorie Cohn on Iraq torture scandal, Joe Conason on Kerry coverage

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The White House is trying to contain the story that Iraqi prisoners were abused, tortured and even killed while in US custody by claiming the actions were isolated exceptions. Instead of raising tough questions, and probing the legal aspects of the case, many journalists are simply reporting the story from the point of view of how it affects U.S. interests. Law Professor Marjorie Cohn will join the show to talk about the story.
Also this week: John Kerry’s had a rough couple of weeks– put on the defensive about his Vietnam record, his church, and some alleged missteps and gaffes. But what should we know about the charges against Kerry, and the people who are making them? We’ll ask columnist and author Joe Conason.

Torturing Hearts and Minds, by Marjorie Cohn

Smear Boat Veterans for Bush
, by Joe Conason