Mar 2 2007

Mark Benjamin on Iraq Vets, Sam Husseini on Washington Stakeout


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This week on CounterSpin: a Washington Post series on deplorable conditions at the Walter Reed Military Hospital has made veterans’ care a front-burner media issue. But the story’s anything but new; we’ll speak with reporter Mark Benjamin, who has been documenting sub-standard health care for veterans for the past 4 years.

Also on CounterSpin today, with politicians so accustomed to reporters lofting softball questions derived from press releases, just plain journalism can be a form of activism. Simply asking the sorts of questions reporters ought to is the goal of, a new project by Sam Husseini, a DC-based media activist and a former colleague of ours here at CounterSpin. We’ll talk to him about that project.


The Long-Term Wounds of Walter Reed, Mark Benjamin (, 2/23/07)