Nov 28 2008

Mark Brenner on Big 3 bailout, Steve Rendall on the Fairness Doctrine


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This week on CounterSpin: Bailing out the Big Three. GM, Ford and Chrysler are on the brink of total failure, we’re told. In a season of corporate bailouts of all sorts, this one is meeting more resistance—in part because union autoworkers, we’re told, are making too much money. Mark Brenner of Labor Notes will join us to talk about it.

Also on CounterSpin today, with Democrats poised to take more power in Washington, is there really a plan in the works to muzzle right-wing talk radio? Steve Rendall of FAIR and CounterSpin will join us to dispel some of the myths surrounding the Fairness Doctrine.


End of the Road: If the Auto Industry Is Dead What Does That Mean for Workers?, by Mark Brenner & Jane Slaughter (Labor Notes, 11/20/08)

The Fairness Doctrine: How We Lost It, and Why We Need It Back, by Steve Rendall (Extra!, 1-2/05)