Sep 11 2009

Mark Cook on Honduras, Diana Duarte on ‘Saving the World’s Women’


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This week on CounterSpin: The media lie that will not die about the Honduras coup is that ousted president Manuel Zelaya was attempting to change the Honduran constitution in order to extend his time in office. But there is nothing new about this current set up; the same lie was used 45 years ago to remove another democratically elected president from office. Journalist Mark Cook has written about the eerie parallels in the September issue of FAIR’s magazine Extra!. We’ll talk to Mark Cook about his piece and the latest on Honduras.

Also this week: ‘Saving the World’s Women’ was the theme of a recent special issue of the New York Times magazine. The centerpiece was an article co-written by Times columnist Nicholas Kristof. While the focus on supporting women in the developing world might be laudable, what are the blindspots in Kristof’s analysis? We’ll talk to Diana Duarte of MADRE.


–“Rerun in Honduras,” by Mark Cook (Extra!, 9/09)

–“Women Need Rights, Not Rescue,” by Yifat Susskind and Diana Duarte (MADRE, 9/3/09)