Apr 27 2012

Mark Weisbrot on Argentina’s Oil, Justin Elliott on Campaign Ad Disclosure


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This week on CounterSpin: Argentina’s move to re-nationalize its oil company, taking it back from the Spanish company Repsol, is not getting good reviews in the corporate press overseas or here at home. The move will hurt and further isolate Argentina, say the critics. We’ll talk to economist Mark Weisbrot for another view.

Also on the show: Campaign season means a flood of political ads intended to influence your vote. The FCC has proposed a measure aimed at making it easier to figure out who’s buying those ads, it’s public information after all, and you’ll never guess who’s putting up a lot of resistance. Or maybe you will. We’ll hear from ProPublica reporter Justin Elliott about the push back against transparency on ad spending.


— “Argentina’s Critics Are Wrong Again About Renationalising Oil,” by Mark Weisbrot (Guardian, 4/18/12)

–“Broadcasters’ Last-Ditch Push to Hide Political Ad Data,” by Justin Elliott (ProPublica, 4/26/12)