Nov 9 2012

Mark Weisbrot on election lessons, Wen Stephenson on climate change

The election is over and it’s hard not to detect a gloomy mood in the corporate media. The country is divided, heading for a fiscal cliff and in desperate need of a grand bargain between Republicans and the White House. But is that the right lesson to take away from the election? And does this fiscal panic make any sense? Mark Weisbrot of the Center for Economic and Policy Research will tell us what he saw as the lessons from the election.

Also on CounterSpin today, you can’t say corporate media don’t talk about climate change at all; it certainly registers as an “issue,” something people are right to be concerned about. But if as a journalist, you come to conclude that media’s approach is so inadequate as to be life-threatening, what do you do? Wen Stephenson worked for years at places like the Atlantic, the Boston Globe and NPR. But the more informed and engaged he became in the issue of climate change, the less comfortable he felt among “media professionals.” We’ll hear from Wen Stephenson about his recent “open letter” to the press corps.


–“A Convenient Excuse,” by Wen Stephenson (The Phoenix, 11/5/12)
–“Barack Obama’s Carefully Crafted Economic Populism Carries the Day,” by Mark Weisbrot (Guardian, 11/7/12)