Jan 21 2005

Mark Weisbrot on Social Security, Sheldon Rampton on Armstrong Williams

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This week on CounterSpin: Social Security is still the top domestic story, and we’ve talked about how distorted and ill-founded much of the reporting has been. But is coverage of the issue starting to improve? And does that have something to do with the political reality that the White House is likely to face in their effort to privatize the program? We’ll ask Mark Weisbrot of the Center for Economic & Policy Research about the state of the Social Security debate.

Also on the show: the revelation that conservative pundit Armstrong Williams had been paid by the White House to promote the administration’s educational policy, unbeknownst to his readers and viewers, was greeted in the press as a scandal, but was it for the right reasons? We’ll speak with Sheldon Rampton from the PR-watch group Center for Media & Democracy about the much broader context to the story that most of the press either missed, or chose to ignore.


Center for Economic & Policy Research:


PR Watch: