Aug 20 2004

Mark Weisbrot on Venezuela’s Chavez referendum, Jonathan Rintels on digital broadcasting

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This week on CounterSpin: Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez resoundingly defeated a referendum aimed at recalling him from office this past week. But will that change U.S. media’s consistent portrayal of Chavez as an unpopular dictator? We’ll hear from Venezuela-watcher Mark Weisbrot of the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

Also on the show: Broadcasters and cable companies are fighting over what should be done with the airwaves, or spectrum, freed up by the changeover to digital technology. Who’s missing from the discussion? Well, everybody else. We’ll talk with Jonathan Rintels of the Center for Creative Voices in Media about the closed-door meetings deciding the future of your TV.


Venezuela’s Referendum Should Be a Wake-Up Call for the United States, by Mark Weisbrot (Knight-Ridder, 8/18/04)

Broadcasters Must Be Made To Serve the Public Interest, by Chellie Pingree and Jonathan Rintels (Seattle Times, 8/11/04)