Mar 5 2004

Martin Bright on UN spying Barry Lando on William Safire’s errors

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This week: a British and American plan to spy on United Nations delegations in New York has been big news in Britian, opening a debate over the diplomatic struggles leading up to the war with Iraq, and the legality of the war itself. The US media, though, has hardly batted at an eye at the story. We’ll talk to one of the lead reporters on this story, Martin Bright of the Observer, about what they’ve been reporting, and why he thinks the story has failed to attract attention here in America.

Also on Counterspin: When a veteran journalist challenged New York Times columnist William Safire on matters of accuracy, he found the newspaper of did not allow Op-Ed columns challenging the accuracy of its columnists, and had no workable policy for correcting misinformation on it’s op-ed page. Former CBS 60 Minutes producer Barry Lando will tell us about his experience trying to keep the New York Times honest.
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William Safire, minister of disinformation, by Barry Lando (, 2/21/04)