Feb 27 2004

Mary Turck on Haiti, Bob Dreyfuss on Iraq intelligence

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This week on CounterSpin we’ll be joined by investigative journalist Robert Dreyfuss, who will talk to us about faulty pre-war intelligence on Iraq, and how a secret and largely unaccountable organization inside the Pentagon manufactured and publicized much of the dubious intelligence at the core of the Bush administration’s case for war. He wrote about all of this in a recent Mother Jones article, The Lie Factory.

And we’ll take another look at the crisis in Haiti. It’s now a top story in the media, but are news reports giving us enough background about what led to the current standoff? We’ll ask Mary Turck, editor of ‘Connection to the Americas’, a publication from the Resource Center of the Americas in Minneapolis.

“The Lie Factory” by Bob Dreyfuss and Jason Vest (Mother Jones, Jan/Feb 2004)
Haiti Q & A, by Mary Turck (2/23/04)