Nov 14 2008

Maurice Carney on the Congo, Sasha Lilley on The War Comes Home


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This week on CounterSpin: As the Congo sinks again into crisis, U.S. journalism is again largely portraying the conflict as peculiar to the Congo, a story explained by the country’s and its neighbors’ endless, intractable ethnic struggles. We’ll be joined by Maurice Carney, the executive director of Friends of the Congo, who says international corporations and western consumers like you are as key to the conflict as are local African factors.

Also on the show: Media activists have called for more in-depth and critical reporting on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq since their beginnings–the corporate press, with some exceptions, has rarely risen to the challenge but independent media of various kinds have grown to fill in many of the cracks. One project hoping to keep the stories of war alive is the War Comes Home, a collaborative, multimedia project from the group CorpWatch and radio station KPFA in the Bay Area. We’ll hear about that from KPFA interim program director Sasha Lilley.


Friends of the Congo

War Comes Home