Dec 17 2010

Michael Dorsey on Cancun climate talks, Bob McIntyre on tax plan


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This week on CounterSpin: On the Fox News the story of the recently concluded UN climate summit was that it was really cold in Cancun, where the summit was held, so what was the point? Even actual journalists didn’t seem to find much to say though; one account said the results didn’t look like helping much with global warming, but they were a vote of confidence in ‘the process’ of addressing global warming. We’ll get another take on things from Michael Dorsey, professor of global environmental policy at Dartmouth College.

Also on the show: the White House cut a deal on taxes with Republican leaders that outraged many Congressional Democrats, progressive activists and liberal pundits. That drew the wrath of Barack Obama, who chided the left for not knowing how the game works in Washington. The media cheered Obama’s left-bashing and presented the deal as proof that the White House was finally reaching across the partisan divide. So who actually wins and who loses in this tax deal? Bob McIntyre from Citizens for Tax Justice will join us to sort it out.


Citizens for tax Justice