Dec 9 2011

Michael Dorsey on COP-17, Karl Grossman on Fukushima


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This week on CounterSpin: The annual United Nations meeting on climate change is underway. That might be news to you if you rely on television for your information. These international conferences tend to produce stories that dwell on the lack of progress, or the unwillingness of countries like China to do more. Dartmouth environmental studies professor Michael Dorsey is on the scene in Durban, South Africa and he’ll join us to talk about what’s happening—and what’s at stake.

Also on CounterSpin today: There’s no shortage of stories coming out of Japan’s ongoing nuclear crisis. Radiation has turned up in Japanese food stuffs including rice, meat, fish and baby food; eight percent of Japanese land area is contaminated with radioactive cesium, and Japanese scientists are organizing to privately monitor radiation out of concern for their children. Why so little urgency about these stories in the US press? We’ll talk to long-time nuclear industry watcher, author, and journalist Karl Grossman.