Jun 25 2004

Michael Froomkin on torture memos, Robert Jensen on 9/11 Commission

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This week on CounterSpin: If the White House release of documents on June 22nd was meant to staunch the bad publicity from earlier leaks showing the Bush administration’s permissive views on harsh treatment of Iraqi and Afghan prisoners, many, even in the mainstream media aren’t buying the spin. We’ll talk to Michael Froomkin of University of Miami law school and the website Discourse.net.

Also on the show: The interim reports of the 9/11 Commission got big media play last week. The findings seemed straight-forward enough: they found no evidence of a connection between Iraq and Sept. 11 attacks, and no collaborative relationship between Iraq and Al Qaeda. So why were so many pundits unwilling to accept those facts? And why did the media start up the debate over these issues again? We’ll talk that over with Robert Jensen, journalism professor at the University of Texas.

Michael Froomkin’s blog: Discourse.net
Robert W. Jensen Home Page