Jan 27 2012

Michael Hastings on ‘The Operators,’ Laura Flanders on Gingrich and racism


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Michael HastingsThis week on CounterSpin: In the summer of 2010, Rolling Stone published an explosive story about the Afghan War. Within days, U.S./NATO commander General Stanley McChrystal was out of a job. Much of the media coverage of the story focused on the blunt language McChrystal and his closest aides were using to talk about U.S. officials. The piece also caused some media figures to express alarm that a reporter would write such a story in the first place. Rolling Stone‘s Michael Hastings has turned his story into a book. He’ll join us to talk about The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan.

Also on CounterSpin today: In his primary campaign in South Carolina, where the Confederate battle flag still flies, Newt Gingrich was accused by some of using a racist dog whistle, or using coded language to signal solidarity with racist voters. Others called it an all-out air raid siren. We’ll be joined by former CounterSpin host Laura Flanders to discuss the role that racism still plays in U.S. politics.


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